Under Bellharm - NEW for 2013!

The Bellharm Asylum has burned, but deep below ground madness survives.

Barely recognizable as human, generations of descendants of the original inmates still live in the crumbling, damp, and fetid netherworld of the asylum’s forgotten basement level. Subsisting mostly on phosphorescent fungus scraped from the basement walls, their translucent skin glows a sickly green.

The Orchard Manor Dead and Breakfast

Nestled in a rustic hillside setting, this five bedroom, two-story Victorian charmer offers stained glass windows, preserved moldings, hardwood floors, and an exquisite fireplace in the formal dining room. A walk-in closet in the master bedroom, spacious in-ground basement, and an enchanting attic, provide plenty of additional room.

Built in 1892, this house is a historical treasure, just waiting for the right owner.

The Fright Factory

The Deville Paint Manufacturing plant is closed. Management has disappeared, and the head office denies all responsibility for whatever may have happened.

Screams of victims of the toxic disaster can still be heard from within the factory’s walls.

Psychosis, demonic possession, extreme hallucinations, and cellular mutation are just some of the things reported by those who have been inside.

The Haunted Hollow

This is the hunting ground of Rattlin’ Jack, a creature who is said to have grown in a single night from the dank gore-soaked earth of The Hollow. The details of that ghastly night—the sacrificial magic, blood, and torment—are pure conjecture.

Face like a rotted gourd, glowing eyes, a grin lit with hellfire, hands of gnarled branches, a single twisted horn—what he looks like is rumor and hearsay.

The Magic Maniac Show

Enjoy the comedy & magic of the "Halls of Magic", as seen on America's Got Talent! The only show where our guests become stars as they participate in unbelievable magical illusions. The magical combination of music and Las Vegas style illusions makes this show one that you won't soon forget! Friday & Saturday nights at Frightmares!

Full Bar & Restaurant with Great Live Bands!

After enjoying all of the spooky haunts, come to Tucker's to relax with a drink or party like a rock star. Become a fan of Frightmares on Facebook and be notified of nightly food and drink specials. THE LIVE MUSIC CALENDAR>>







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